“My daughter has taken piano at The Piano Preparatory School in Beavercreek since 2014. We enrolled her at the school on the recommendation from several friends whose kids have gone there and all were extremely happy. My daughter has had amazing, talented and very patience teachers; it's been a great experience for her! We would highly recommend the school to anyone looking for wonderful, professional and top-notch piano instruction!"


~ Lauren's mom, Beavercreek

"Our son, Sam, has been taking piano lessons at The Piano Prep School for two and half years. He joined the school only weeks after our move from Canada to the United States, and since then the school has been an important part of his life. Thanks to his instructor's expertise and care, Sam has rapidly grown as a young pianist. In addition to providing great technical instruction, Sam's instructor has also helped him develop important habits such as effective practice techniques, appreciate of different music styles, and learning from his peers' ex[experiences through group workshops and performances. His instructor has helped him understand the importance on reflecting on his musical trajectory and designing the future of his journey as a musician. Sam's teacher has also generously helped us with the logistical challenges involved in learning to play a musical instrument such as purchasing a reliable piano and choosing the best educational materials. Leaving Canada, Sam had to leave behind the music school he liked, but luckily he immediately found himself in another caring community at The Piano Prep School and we are thankful to the staff and management of the school for creating such a warm and nurturing atmosphere. 
~Sam's Parents, Oakwood

"When we visited The Piano Preparatory School, I knew we had found the perfect place for the girls. They quickly began to absorb the piano theory that had been lacking in their prior piano instruction and grew in their confidence at the piano. We enjoyed seeing them perform in many student recitals. When my youngest decided she wanted to try guitar, we were supported in that decision and her transition to a new instrument and teacher were seamless. We have always found the faculty and staff to be professional, friendly, and approachable. We could not be more pleased with our decision to enroll out girls at PPS."

~ Mariell & Maggie's mom, West Carrollton

"Having my daughters take piano lessons at The Piano Prep School was the best decision I could have made. I appreciate that they are able to study with a remarkable teacher and musician. They are not only learning how to play an instrument, they are learning a life long love of music."

~  Anna & Bethany's mom, Oakwood
"I just had to drop you a quick note and let you know how fabulous your vocal teacher Emily is! WOW! The first lesson was so far beyond my expectations...We were very impressed with Emily and her energy and passion for singing. I sat in the first lesson and was blown away."
~ Julia's mom, Beavercreek


“We have been part of The Piano Prep School since 2007. All three of our children started with The Beginning Piano Program. It is a great introduction to music and set them up for continuing piano lessons as well as other instruments. I love having different instructors in one place as it gives us exposure to different teaching styles and flexibility with our schedule!"


~ Sophie, Claudia & Charlotte's mom, Oakwood

“Our oldest daughter has been taking piano lessons at The Piano Prep School since 2007. We have since added three more daughters to the schools' program. The PPS not only offers exceptional private lessons, but also a diverse portfolio of formal recitals, competition opportunities, and special events with music experts. These experiences are invaluable to our daughters' learning experience. Their instructor continues to perform throughout the US and abroad. Her continued involvement reflects her dedication and commitment to bringing the best to her students. We have highly recommended and will continue to recommend the Piano Prep to anyone looking for a school that offers superior quality music programs.”


~ Katie, Emma, Dani & Grace's mom, Springboro